Another Day Just Breathe

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Nothing like Jian to put out some cute little critters for us. I personally love these little buggers because the animation is just priceless on them! That said this post is to celebrate a Creator being a sponsor of The Season Story. As we all know this event happens per season so it is a big honor to have this slot. Masoom, the creator of the top and bottoms I am wearing in this post got one of those coveted positions. Masoom doesnt let people down with this comfy yet sexy looking top and these bottoms that fit you just perfectly. Now I have the pockets colored different than the pants and this is but of course a Fat Pack option. So if you havent gone to The Season Story yet, head on over. As always thank you for viewing. ♥♥

Sometimes you find people or friends that help you when you didnt know you needed it. Tonights post is about things learned from friends. Over the past few months I have learned much from those around me and I am grateful for every little lesson. Though it is always best to take a break for yourself from work and hobbies.  This post features items from BOTH Gacha Garden as well as Chapter Four as they are what inspired with their beauty. As Always thank you for Looking.♥

Oh and yes that chicken is intentional as an omage to Kodeine. ♥

It is almost that time again and the anticipation is killing me. Time for fantasy and mystical to take over and Fantasy Gacha Carnival to return to us on the 7th of August! So in good fun I thought I would showcase some of the items from last round along with a sneak peek to something that is from this round. This outfit from I <3 F is amazing. I have always wanted a Viking/northern Woman outfit and this one fits sooo well. There is such rich hue to this top and the belts fall naturally on my hips. I am in love! Thank you as always for reading and if you would like to watch the countdown till the FGC opens click here to see the site and peek over the sponsors and participating venders.