Ello there! I know this part is a little weird for most but I have had people ask some questions and though that it is time to answer them and explain some things.

  1.  “why didn’t you choose my item to blog at an event? Though I like changing my style frequently, I know that a photo wont work if things aren’t cohesive. Sometimes its just a matter of what works for the feel I am trying to create, nothing personal.
  2. “Why do I swap my style so frequently?” I like changing my style look constantly, thus why I blog clothes. Some days I feel like a sassy diva, others I feel edgy and look for the darker punky look. Its my Second Life so I enjoy it how I do. Secondly I choose my sponsors, I took the time to work my tush off to be a good advocate for their items so I am a chameleon to help them as well. This is what makes it fun for me and not just like ok put this on and make a picture. It challenges me to to stay up to date and pushes me off my platform to seek out new creators.
  3. “If I send you something will you blog it?” If you have sent me something and it matches my style I will try to always blog it. That said I do have other priorities and obligations first so please understand it will happen as soon as I can fit you in and give you the attention your item deserves.